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'Brendan's amazing endless repetoire of music and songs always keeps the
party moving. He is truly a great entertainer'- JOHN-MICHAEL HOWSON OAM

'Watch out Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash,  Smokie & Judy Garland.... you have competition and his name is BRENDAN SCOTT'-  Philip Brady 

Brendan Scott is an accomplished and experienced performer who has been part of the Australian entertainment industry ever since his stage debut at age 4. He has worked in all facets of the entertainment industry and continues to use his wealth of experience to entertain audiences in many parts of Australia.

In his performance, Brendan showcases his many talents.  Not only does he sing many well-known songs, he also plays piano, guitar, saxophone, banjo, and violin. If that’s not enough, Brendan often surprises audiences by launching into a Tap Dance.  Add to this Brendan’s flare for audience interaction and participation as well as his ability to have people in stitches with his comedy, and you have a complete entertainment experience.

For over 20 years, Brendan was a fixture on Melbourne radio station 3AW as a contributor to the Overnight program hosted by Keith McGowan.  Brendan could often be heard on this program singing some great old songs, as well as sharing much banter and laughs with Keith.

At many venues around Victoria, you will often find Brendan performing at MORNING MELODIES.  These shows are a great way for people to get out, during daytime hours, to experience some great entertainment perhaps followed by a nice lunch.

Brendan can also be heard at many Sports and R.S.L clubs, singing and playing many great hits for those wanting to dance the night away.

Whether you or your organization requires a floor-show, music for dancing or just someone to play the piano in the background,  BRENDAN SCOTT is your ideal entertainer.